NOVEMBER 6, 2022

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Zara's Center has team of 21 running in 2022 and we are thrilled to partner with NYRR for our 14th consecutive year.

Our runners help generate awareness about Zara's Center and raise funds for our programs. Funds raised help pay for food, school fees, HIV/ AIDS prevention, job training and cultural enrichment for the children we serve in Zimbabwe. We are so grateful to all of our donors and runners over the past 13 years.

If you're interested in running for Zara's Center in 2023, please email our US Program Director, Jessica Briggs, at

To track our Team's fundraising progress or make a donation, click below.

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Team Zara Runners 2022

John Bolton - New York, NY
Juan Diego Castrillon - Brooklyn, NY
Ilir Cukaj - Staten Island, NY
Jeremy Engel - Jersey City, NJ
Vanessa Fry - New York, NY
Alan Garzon - Aventura, FL
Julia Gielen - New York, NY
Zoe Grolnick - New York, NY
Mike Hubbe - New York, NY
Grace Isford - New York, NY
Charlie Lewis - Bedford, NY
Eileen MacDonald - Long Island City, NY
Gary O'Donoghue - Queens, NY
Rachael Profiloski - Hewlett, NY
Taylor Rimell - Brooklyn, NY
Filip Roganovic - Queens, NY
Caroline Smith - Dallas, TX
Mason Smith - Dallas, TX
Erik Tack - New York, NY
Martin Tevlin - Queens, NY
Julie Wandlizak - New York, NY