Zara's Ambassador Program (ZAP) engages young people and community leaders to help the children at Zara's Center. By becoming a Zara's Ambassador, you'll help Zara's children reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty in their community.

There are many ways to become an Ambassador. You can choose one of the options below or brainstorm your own ideas.


$20 provides daily breakfast and home-cooked supper for a child for one month.

$240 feeds a child for an entire year.

$17 sends a child to school for one month.

$210 sends one child to school for an entire year.

Nutritious food and access to education are crucial for the success of young people. As a Zara's Ambassador, you can raise funds within your community (i.e. religious group, sorority, school, etc.) to provide children at Zara's Center with food and access to education. We'll work with you to determine the best donation collection method.





Your group can raise funds in any way you'd like, and we'll provide you with guidance and support to ensure you are successful. Once your efforts are complete, we'll present you with a formal letter and certificate explaining exactly how your funds were used.


​Choose a week during the school year to be "Zara's Center Week". During the week, host fundraising activities (bake sales, class fundraising competitions, etc) for the kids at Zara's Center. Our Program Manager will visit your school to talk to your class or club about what we do at Zara's Center and thank you for your efforts. 

We'll provide each of you with a special Zara's Center "piggy bank" to use throughout the week and take home with you at the end. Save your spare change and donations from friends and family to put in the bank for the kids at Zara's Center. 

Spare change projects teach us that "every little bit counts". Whether you have as little as a quarter to share weekly, or as much as $10 a week, smaller contributions become much bigger and make a huge difference.



"No matter what age you are, you can get involved in ZAP and help supply school fees, food, clothing, and support the many programs they offer. It is not only fulfilling work, but also a great learning opportunity that I will continue to cherish. It is definitely worth it to check out Zara’s Center and all of the great opportunities they offer."


"Zara’s Center is an incredible program that provides a safe and nurturing environment for children who have lost one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS. I have volunteered at Zara’s Center for many years and even though I live on a different continent, technology has made it possible for me to connect with the kids at the Center through Zoom calls. I speak with the kids about all sorts of things like school, sports and what we do for fun. My goal is to encourage them and teach them about life in America. It turns out they teach me too." 


All Zara’s Youth Ambassadors receive an official ZAP t-shirt and a thank you certificate for their hard work. If your child, class, or group is interested in participating in one of the programs above, please contact our Program Manager, Jessica Briggs, at

Zara's Center is supported by the PG Family Foundation. The Foundation was officially incorporated as The Jonathan Plutzik and Lesley Goldwasser Family Foundation in the State of NY. The Foundation is a designated charitable entity as described in U.S. Tax Code Section 501(c)(3). The Center is registered as a Charitable Trust in Zimbabwe.  Registered as "Zara's Centre Trust" (Registered Trust: MA137/2007)